London film screening and discussion of "Science & Islam: Dialogues for the 21st Century"


Fancy watching a film?
Ever wondered about science and Islam in the same thought?
Muslim student or practitioner of physical, or social or religious sciences?
Curious about how to get beyond 'Golden Ageism' & the marvelous productions of Harun Yahya?

IMASE, in decolonial fraternity with The City Circle invite you to explore the intellectual history, scientific creativity, subordination and the future of Muslim Ummah.

By screening and critically discussing a new documentary, Science & Islam: Dialogues for the 21st Century we wish to stimulate and support eachother's understanding of this area, often neglected in favour of fire-fighting, nostalgic navel gazing, and propaganda, if not occupied by hegemonic power.

NB. Developmentia Self Assessment

It is useful to note who is pulling the strings of a dialogue, to disarm and reframe it. In the absence of vibrant community support for knowledge creation, deals are struck with financiers and knowledge is tailored accordingly.

The documentary did not come out of a vacuum and is entangled in a politics of knowledge that we require a new astuteness to overcome.It is an output of a project funded by The Templeton Foundation. Here are links to the project intentions  and a community critique of the foundation.

IMASE sees this as a good case study of developmentia, which is like dementia but with foreign donors. Developmentia is a growing contributor to the ummah's dysfunction, that is quite resistible once identified and understood.

7 to 9pm
Friday 1st Feb 2013

The Water Lily
10 Cleveland Way


E1 4UF

Tube: Whitechapel/ Stepney Green
Bus: 205,25

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t: 0780 362 7576

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