Young Scholar's Conference 2013: Asian Studies in a Globalised World

From 4th to 6th  March 2013

Venue: Bangkok, Thailand
Abstract submission: 10th January 2013
Full Paper submission: 10th February 2013

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What are the ideas that make sense of our pasts and presents, and those which might shape our futures? 


Over the ages scholars have developed concepts and theories, many of which have made extraordinary contributions to social, economic and political life, sometimes under very difficult conditions.  If we compare the 60s and the 70s to the present, we can observe an expansion of democratic space. Yet many of us still wonder what kind of nation state governance is most meaningful in the diverse and dynamic contexts of Asia. 

To the west The Arab Spring has created a new wave of enthusiasm, but simultaneously chaos and conflict can overshadow fresh hopes.  Technologically, the Communication Revolution has brought opportunities for rapid transborder connections, tourism, networking, economic cooperation and greater integration.  People and societies face new and age-old challenges: of poverty and unemployment, of widening gaps between rich and poor, urban and the rural. Women and indigenous communities have gained some ground but are yet to achieve equality and dignity.

Despite living in the post Cold War era, protracted civil wars, intra-faith and inter-faith conflicts, hegemonic occupation and extremism have claimed millions of lives. As migration and forced migration increases so too has xenophobia and racism. All the while, the arms trade is continuing unchastised and unabated in the name of state security, and multitudes still have no access to clean water, basic healthcare and sanitation.

We observe rapid economic globalisation to create new problems for workers and the self-employed. Greed, selfishness and materialism are eroding values of caring and sharing.  Religious and cultural values, respect for life and the integrity nature are taking a back seat, paving the way for power, profit and injustice to dominate life.  Alarming environmental concerns conyinue to unfold, with the impacts of climate change becoming clearer and vulnerability to natural disasters increasing.

It is true that established academic forums and conferences have been examining the present crises and proposing future directions at length. At the same time, a growing number of young scholars have become engaged in research work to respond to some of our contemporary challenges. They deserve more space to present their work and proposals for the future.

Why this Conference?


Since 2004 AMAN (Asian Muslim Action Network) and ARF (Asian Resources Foundation) have been offering modest research fellowships to young scholars across Asia. Over 30 publications have resulted from such research. For the past 10 years the IIPS (International Institute of Peace Studies) has been offering short courses and facilitating exchange program  for young scholars and activists in cooperation with a number of Universities and Institutes across Asia. These include: Thammasat University, Prince of Songkhla University, Institute of Religion and Culture, ( IRCP), Payap University, Thailand, Kolkata University, India, the Syarif Hidayatullah Islamic State University, Jakarta, Indonesia, Yunan University, China and Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences.

We have received several requests and proposals from young scholars to provide space and a forum for to present and engage with their academic and research work. We fully recognise and support the potential of such young scholars.   The objective of the Conference is to make space and opportunities for the young scholars to present and refine their work, develop networks and enhance interaction with senior scholars in order to enable a peaceful, sustainable and common future.

Eligibility of the participants

Participation is invited from scholars, doctoral students, lecturers and researchers aged between 25 and 35 from universities, research institutes, NGOs, government and pivate sectors. A selection of senior scholars will be invited for a special session to exchange and interact with the young scholars. You can download an application form for the conference here.

Proposed Thematic Area


1. Envisioning the Future

2. Is Humanity Facing a Global Spiritual Crisis?

3. Youth in a Globalised World
* Youth  and social media
* Young writers on contemporary social issues
* Young women leaders in the social and political spheres

4. Xenophobia, Racism, Intolerance and Discrimination

5. The Nation State and Challenges  for Peaceful Co-existence
* Migration and social integration
* Challenges of peace-building in multi-ethnic, multi-religious states
* Challenges of sustainable development and food security for the Poor

6. The 21st Century and Women’s Leadership
* Confronting patriarchy
* Promoting  social justice
* Promoting peace

7. Human Rights Advocacy and Trans-border Solidarity

8. Religion, Culture, Arts and Humanistic Values


Conference Secretariat

Ekraj Sabur
International Institute of Peace Studies (IIPS)
Nong Chok
e.mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.