"To advance and apply our understanding of the sciences for the benefit of humanity."

Access to basic amenities for most people in the Majority World is more difficult than countries of higher income and industrialisation.  IMASE promotes the use and development of appropriate technologies to improve the quality of life of mankind as a whole, not just the few.


We aim to help people help their societies and environments by sharing knowledge, experience building capacity, and forging partnerships. IMASE provides a forum to enable members exchange ideas and disseminate technical information globally.

Our strategic aim is to contribute to raising the ethics, impact of Muslim knowledge creation in the world today. From history, we know that leadership and creative participation in the global knowledge culture is a sign of a healthy Muslim society.

Resource Base


"To continue broadening, deepening and connecting our network of expertise for use in practical applications."


To expand community capabilities we will continually develop our network of expertise. An important virtual method is our global expertise database, which permits members access to one another’s collective talents and experiences. As a relational knowledge base it formalises and consolidates valuable existing networks as they extend dynamically through society.


Maintaining and mobilising this resource pool connects social and technical needs to their solutions.  As well as simple expertise search, the database can be used to pursue research and business collaboration, careers advice, internship provision, recruitment and consulting opportunities.



"Translate knowledge into practical solutions"


We aim to translate our resources into results by building multilayered initiatives to address specific subject matters.

Initiatives are supported by activists, researchers, leaders and interested members of the public. Guided by an understanding of Islamic principles as well as social and technology issues, our initiatives aim to produce high quality interventions in society, practice and policy.


Additionally, we seek to provide a platform to support and add value to the work of our members. Where the capacity exists and the proposal is appropriate, we support the creation of new working groups.

Public Engagement


"Raising awareness of relevant challenges, and communicating new ideas. "


IMASE will maintain close and responsive communications between its initiatives and their communities, to identify problems as they emerge.


IMASE will provide a platform for transnational dialogue on science, technology, development and environment from Muslim societies.  We aim to develop creative media production capabilities, to nourish public debate and stimulate new practices and ways of thinking.


IMASE will produce original research and toolkits that integrate social and spiritual concern to inform leadership and policy.