Our History

Our History

IMASE was formed by a group of postgraduate students and professionals in Summer 2001.  It was born out of an analysis of the scientific and technological difficulties faced in the Ummah.  Hence the original name, International Muslim Association of Scientists and Engineers.


Our focus has since broadened from providing a platform for Muslims in science and technology to engage with religious learning, social study and philosophy. That we view science in broad inclusive terms is embodied in our work.


Initial activities included an international water seminar, the creation of a Global Expertise Database and team-building action days on a halal organic farm.  Early on, from 2002-4, we also ran a forward-facing Islam & Science Forum, to explore the conceptual, historical and potential relationships between Islam, society and science. This transformed into The Critical Reading Group initiative which ran from 2007-12.


IMASE Entrepreneurs provided networking and training opportunities for the development of ideas into products of social and commercial value. At a more global policy level, we have also looked at ethical trade issues, holding a pre-G8 seminar on 'Trade, Ummah and Justice' in the Summer of 2007. 


Over the years, internal community development has become a growing priority and we believe in the intimate connection between social, spiritual and intellectual transformation. Our community activities are therefore a growing focus, and include the Green Your Mosque workshop and Science Days for school children.


IMASE realises its aims through encouragement, partnership and expansion.  We address the need to support Muslims in research through regular Researchers’ Colloquia and community advocacy.  With the establishment of Constellations as well as chapters in South Africa and Malaysia, the organisation has grown globally.