Constellations - Vol. 4, No. 1, April - July 2013 Release


We invite you to read and circulate this the thirteenth edition of Constellations.


This signifies the fourth cycle of our publication. We are still in the process of restructuring the publication and will probably try to change its outlook in the coming editions. Your comments, criticisms and recommendations are most welcome.



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We are also happy to inform you about our advertisement in support of the Young Researchers conference conducted by the International Institute of Peace Studies (IIPS), which was successfully held in Bangkok in March. The participants came from over 30 countries and the organisers are already planning another conference in support of young researchers. We will keep you updated in this.

The Ayman Series draws to a close in this edition with a relfection and appeal for us to protect our planet from ourselves., while the Iraw Series picks up after a long break and explores the true economic costs of the war to both sides.


Considering the situation in Syria becoming worse by the day, Shafiq Morton laments on the situation in the country of Syria and the people who continue to suffer. In another articles he elaborates on the Muslims of South Africa as an interesting model for other Muslims to study in regards to Muslims living as minorities.

An informative article by Alan Rayner explores the issue of using nature as a source of inspiration for us while Michael further discusses the issue of evolution in his own unique way. There is also a very interesting paper by Karunakara Menon on the usage of ICT in carbon trade.


Inflection this time reproduces a letter by an academic activist (a very rare breed), and a close friend, who has had problems expressing his opinion in his University due to political pressures and intrigue. We cannot emphasise enough the importance of academic freedom for the betterment of a nation or community.







The IMASE Team