Constellations - Vol. 4, No. 2, July - September 2013, (Ramadān - Dhū al-Qa‘dah 1434)


Alhamdulillāh, this is the fourteenth edition of Constellations and coincides with the beginning of Ramadān. This edition includes a range of interesting articles in relation to the environment, social enterprise, innovation and youth development.



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The Haze problem caused by ‘slash and burn’ agriculture has been an issue in South East Asia for decades. In an article on the topic an argument presented as to why we should learn to view the globe as one, and humanity as one big family. This quarter’s Inflection looks at some impacts of the Haze, on health and economy.


We are honoured to have a new contributor to Constellations. Suleyman Tan Eng Tong, is an accomplished business guru with extensive experience in the USA, China and several other countries. He writes about responsible business practices and keeping innovative. We are sure you will find his insights valuable.


Some time ago we advertised the website of a pioneering youth-oriented conference. This edition’s journal section presents a report on the gathering. which found that the energy and idealism of the youth is still pretty much alive and should be nurtured for the betterment of humanity and the planet. The Extreme Energy Series closes this issue, with the second part of an extended discussion of the lengths we will go to to satisfy our thirst for oil.



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INTERESTING WEBSITES: The Atlantic Cities – Terrifying, Fascinating Time Lapse of 30 Years of Human Impact Earth Climate Literacy – Navigating Climate Change Conversations

ARTICLE 1: How Social Business Create Change

Suleyman Tan Eng Tong

ARTICLE 2: Why We Need a ‘Natural Neighbourhood Watch

Dr Alan Rayner

ARTICLE 3:The Obama Question and his SA Visit in Focus

Shafiq Morton

ARTICLE 4: Hazy Afterthought

Shiro Chikamatsu

ARTICLE 5: Welcome to Planet Jihad

Shafiq Morton

ARTICLE 6: Managing Innovation

Suleyman Tan Eng Tong

ARTICLE 7: Introduction to the Environment

Dr Mohamed Yunus Yasin

INFLECTION 14: Haze in Malaysia: Health and Economy

IMASE REFLECTION 19: Modern Education: What For?


Summary Report of the Inaugural Young Scholar’s Conference

IMASE Extreme Energy Series No. 2