Critical Reading Group


Critical Reading Group hopes to engage with the writing of thinkers, scientists, philosophers and theologians – some well-known, others not so well-known – who have had or continue to have a profound, perhaps surprising influence in the world of ideas as we experience it today. We anticipate that the group will consist of Muslims  who take seriously but critically the undeniable edifice of most, if not all, great civilizations: fellowship, faith, learning and scholarship.

Please have a look below for our weekly topics and discussions 

The group will meet weekly and, following a main presentation by a convener, discuss and debate the issues contained in and raised by readings from a core set of texts. We also hope that the secondary, transferable skills of critical thinking, systematic enquiry and collaborative learning are developed along the way. Above all, participants should bear in mind that neither agreement nor closure on subjects will be given much weight.

The details of the meetings are as follows:

VENUE: King’s College London (Strand Campus), Room 4A, Chesham Building (Map)

TIME: 6.30pm until 8pm DAY: Every Tuesday

CONVENORS: Dr Usama Hasan (Senior Lecturer, Middlesex University) & Dr Mahbub Gani (Lecturer, King’s College London)

CONTACT: mahbub.gani{at}

Lists of previous and upcoming themes and subjects in chronological order:

Belief in God in an Age of Science: John Pilkinghorne

30th October 2007 - 6th November 2007

Convenor: Dr Usama Hasan

Philosophy of Science I: Do facts precede theory? Inductivism

13th November 2007

Convenor: Mahbub Gani

Philosophy of Science II: Falsificationism. Theories as structures and Kuhn

20th November 2007 

Convenor: Mahbub Gani

Wittgenstein I: Introduction to "Tractatus Logico Philosophicus"

27th November 2007 

Convenor: Iman Poernomo

Wittgenstein II: Life after "Tractatus"

4th December 2007

Convenor: Iman Poernomo

The Captive Mind:  Syed Hussein Alatas

11th December 2007

Covenor: Fuad Ali 

Ethics I: Abortion

22nd January 2008 

Ethics II: Kantian Ethics I (Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals)

5th February 2008

Ad Hoc Theme: Archbishop Speech

12th February 2008 

Ethics II: Kantian Ethics II (Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals)

19th February 2008 

Ethics II: Kantian Ethics III (Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals)

26th February 2008

Ethics III: Al-Ghazali

4th and 11th March 2008 

Post-Colonial Studies I: Edward Said's Orientalism

18th March - 1st April 2008

Convenor: AbdoolKarim Vakil

Political Economy

22nd and 19th April 2008

Convenor: Tayeb Sherif

History of Muslim Science

6th and 13th May 2008

Convenor: Dr Saira Malik

Applied Sociology: Poltical and Technological Change in Indonesia

20th May 2008

Convenor: Hassan Hoque 

Application of Maqasid ul-Shari'ah

27th May 2008

Convenor: Fuad Ali

Philosophy of Science III: Quine and the Two Dogmas of Empericsim

3rd June 2008

Convenor: Dr Mahbub Gani

Post-Colonial Studies II: Fanon and Hijab

10th June 2008

Convenor: Dr Mahbub Gani