Islamic Environmentalities

Wudhu Area Studies Survey

Wudhu transforms us, and readies us to speak with our Lord.


As part of our  group of activities in environmental relationships, IMASE would like to invite your participation in Wudhu Area Studies.  Its goal is to qualitatively improve our wudhu performance and facilities, particularly those in western European settings where Islamic built environments are relatively young and pose specific challenges.


Design and maintenance of appropriate wudhu facilities is a practical problem. It is not always straightforward to get social and technical aspects working harmoniously amongst complex communities.  Wudhu Area Studies will get into the meat of this issue, but first we need to crowd source some good, live data.


Please consider this your invitation to participate in this collective research process. We have prepared a survey form for this purpose.   It requires a simple site visit and conversation with a suitably informed community member.  


The survey can be downloaded in MS Word format here


and is available in GoogleDocuments format here.


The micro-site for the project can be found on


Once sufficient data has been gathered and analysed, we will publish findings and recommendations as well as create an on-line reference facility.