Ummahtic Inspiration

Ummahtic Inspiration

We are ready with several interventions to encourage scientific interest, creativity and confident career building, especially amongst the young. These include; Mentoring Seminar, Young Muslim Researchers Colloquia, Science Day, Soulful Careers Fair and Entrepreneurship training.

Trade, Ummah and Justice Conference


Date: Sunday 26th June 2005
Time: 2-5 pm
Venue: Meadowbank Sports Centre, 139 London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE

One of IMASE's current areas of concern is the way the world trade system operates: the World Trade Organisation and its domination by the G8 countries; the exploitation of poorer countries' peoples and natural resources; and the environmental devastation that is being wrought in the name of trade and economic growth.

In recognition of the forthcoming G8 summit at Gleneagles in Scotland this year, a conference has been organised to raise awareness of Trade Justice issues in the Muslim community and asks:

How does international trade work? Who makes the rules? What is the difference between Fair Trade and Free Trade? How do the purchases you and I make affect the rest of the world? What is Islamic teaching on trade and how should it be conducted? Do modern ways of buying and selling goods measure up to Islamic teachings on fair and equitable trading and respect for the environment?

Come along and hear how the current dominant world trade system is completely out of step with the spiritual and holistic context in which Muslims are required to view such transactions. And find out what you can do about it.

Invited speakers include:

* Mohideen Abdul Kader - Third World Network, Malaysia
* Dr Mona Siddique - Head of Islamic Studies, Glasgow University
* Fathima Idris - Founding Member, Citizens International, Malaysia
* Carol Morton - Palcrafts / Hadeel
* Osama Saeed - Muslim Association of Britain
* Councillor Rev Chris Wigglesworth - Edinburgh City Council

Refreshments will be available. Stalls will be in place at which there will be the opportunity to buy fairly traded goods. This is a ticketed event: tickets can be bought at the door but please book in advance as places are limited.
- If booking in advance tickets are: waged - £5, unwaged - £2.50
- If registering on the day tickets are: waged - £6, unwaged - £3

To book, for further information or to reserve a stall contact:

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: 07736 551 650 / 07958 777 684

IMASE is a member of the Trade Justice Movement, for details visit

Islam and Global Economic Development

The International Muslim Association of Scientists and Engineers (IMASE) recently hosted a novel event. IMASE Entrepreneurs (IMASE-E), a focus group, presented a series of talks coupled with a participatory workshop on the theme of 'Muslim Enterprise and Global Economic Development'.

The aim of the organisers was to promote functional networking with Muslim values and to focus creativity on real life business challenges. Following opening statements from the IMASE team, IMASE-E coordinator Imran Sharaf explained the outlook and strategy of IMASE Entrepreneurs. Guest speaker, Mohammad Noman Khan, spoke with the audience about the need for ethical enterprise from the Muslim community and about his 30 year experience as a business consultant to the Leisure and Food Industry. Rashad Yaqoob, director of an Offshore Private Equity Firm, and general wheeler dealer extraordinaire inspired the audience with his adventures and reflections on the role of smart British Muslim businesspeople, and their potential to make a positive impact on the way things are run around the world. Notably, Rashad’s personal experiences such as the “becoming a clock-builder rather than a time teller” and the “seize the opportunity, seize the moment” milestones ignited his entrepreneurial flare and drive.

Following individual introductions from the audience, prayers and some smart Malaysian cuisine, organisers and participants arranged themselves for the workshop. There was an almost astonishing degree of compliance and confidence amongst delegates, which is encouraging for the future of the project and similar schemes in the future.

Equipped with in-house research in the form of 'Country Dossiers' outlining business opportunities in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan, the audience was split four ways to focus on the particular challenges associated with their briefs. These situations provided a opportunity for the creation of working synergies and the cross-fertilisation of ideas about financing mechanism, technology transfer, employment rights and appropriate development. Each group presented their findings in turn and the feedback session highlighted areas in which the ideas presented could be taken forward.

The opportunity of learning and networking amongst 50 enterprising Muslims from mixed backgrounds and expertise was beneficial for all, with ideas, solutions and insights buzzing around the halls and insha’Allah drawing closer to realisation. The entire afternoon resonated with an atmosphere of creative support - a quality that was appreciated by many. IMASE wishes to thank all those who attended and made this event a success.

Expertise Database


IMASE would like to announce the release of it's new internet portal, which seeks to link and inform Muslim knowledge actors on a global scale.

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Event Notice - 5th March 2005, Imperial College, London

Are we really learning

Creatively engaging with our problems

Do you have a love of learning? Would you like the opportunity to develop and apply your skills together with other Muslims so as to engage with, connect together and inspire the Muslim world?

IMASE warmly invites you to an afternoon seminar intended to lay out Islamic ideas linked to learning and its role in the development of Our Ummah. This will be followed by a number of real life scenarios from the Muslim world covering social and technical aspects. By bringing together disciplines, insights and experiences to build agreement, we will communicate, develop and then implement our findings.

Participation from individual with interest or experience in Water, Dawa, Immigration, Brain Drain, Agriculture, Horticulture, Health and Technology is particularly requested. This will be a beneficial and active learning experience for all.

Hosted by IMASE IC
Imperial College , London
Electrical Engineering Building 408
Nearest Tube South Kensington

Saturday 5th March 2005
1pm - 5pm
£3 students
£5 waged

fuad 'at'
(+44) 0780 362 7576
Light refreshments will be provided.